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Sage Foundation programmes

Sage Foundation is engaged in a range of development programmes that provide support and funding to non-profit organisations.

People Powering Change

Our People Powering Change research surveyed over 4,000 business leaders and employees, including 1,000 in South Africa, to get their view on corporate philanthropy and volunteering.

The survey sought to understand current trends in corporate philanthropy and measure the potential impact of COVID-19 on corporate giving and purpose-led business.

Photo of Sage CEO Steve Hare finishing the Reading Half-Marathon

$2 million for charities – by 2022

We’ve achieved the $1 Million Challenge CEO Steve Hare set us. That challenge united global colleagues and supported tens of thousands of people through 1,000 local charities.  Only, that’s not where it stops. No sooner had Steve Hare celebrated achieving the $1 million target, than he announced his decision to set another – and he doubled it. This time we are going to raise $2 million for charities – by 2022 – but we aim to get there faster. 

Sage Foundation NPO success

Sage Foundation is committed to supporting non-profit organisations (NPOs). That’s why we developed Sage Foundation NPO Success, providing discounted Sage Business Cloud subscriptions so you can save time, reduce costs, eliminate errors and achieve compliance.

Case studies

These are just some of the projects that Sage Foundation is honoured to support:

Older man in a green Sage baseball cap and black raincoat giving a thumbs-up


In 2016, Sage’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Hare made a risky commitment.

He told people he’d do something he hated if they would sponsor him to do it. He would run. And not just a light jog every now and then, but a pledge to run 500 km. Not all at once, of course.

This was all to raise money for Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project (CVYP), a small charity that offers a range of opportunities to help young people in the North East of England. They provide safe and friendly services that meet the changing needs of young people of differing ages and abilities, working with around 250 young people every week.

Steve was very firmly not a runner, and a self-confessed spectator rather than participator when it came to sport. ‘Gym sure. I’d even stretch to a misadventure with a wakeboard on holiday, but that was about it.

His family and friends weren’t sure about his plan. “I was confronted with a mixture of laughter and concern for my joints.”

The trick was to start slowly and not overdo it, mixing running and walking. It wasn’t always easy, especially in the winter months in the rain and the cold. The key was to remember why he was doing it. “Every time you want to find a reason to quit, you need to remember why you are running. As people in business like to say, find your why.”

And before long, it wasn’t just Steve who was finding his why. What started as his own personal fundraising journey, spread to the whole finance team at Sage, and now it’s gone global. 

To put 500 km into context, it’s about –

Five marathons…

56 times the length of the Great Wall of China…

And 73 times the length of the Nile.

Now, Steve has set himself a new challenge, to take his total raised for CVYP up to £150 000, helping Sage Foundation get closer to the ambitious $2 million target. The money raised will go towards helping the charity build a new recreation centre and provide disadvantaged young people in the area with the opportunity to experience bike riding, camping, archery, sailing, water sports, heritage walks and much more; usually for the first time.

One thing’s for certain, Steve can’t say he’s not a runner anymore.

Join Sage’s $2 Million Challenge today.

Group of volunteers in green t-shirts painting a fence in a public gardens


On Mandela Day in South Africa, our country’s citizens are asked to donate 67 minutes of their time to give back to their communities. Sage employees took this call to action to heart, organising a volunteer day with Afrika Tikkun, a charity that works towards a future where today’s children and youth are tomorrow’s productive citizens. Sage employees dedicated the day to working with children in Diepsloot, an impoverished area north of Johannesburg. Diepsloot has a high youth unemployment rate and is lacking in child development programmes. When combined with the socio-economic status of the area, the residents there experience a breakdown in family structures and struggle to see a better future. In partnership with Afrika Tikkun, Sage employees bonded with the children through fun and educational activities.

“How do you measure the smile on a child’s face when they live in such abject poverty? For one morning, we help them forget that.” said Joanne van der Walt, Sage Foundation Programme Manager for Africa. “I’m so pleased that we came together to experience the joy of volunteering and to make a difference in the lives of these children.” Volunteers hosted a Career Readiness workshop, supporting Afrika Tikkun’s “cradle to career” support model. During the workshop, employees from Sage spoke about managing a personal brand on social media, developing a winning CV and how to succeed in a job interview. In addition, Sage volunteers helped children aged 4 to 8 decorate cupcakes with icing and sweets, adding a creative aspect to the day. “We will definitely volunteer with Afrika Tikkun again,” said Joanne. “It was the perfect way to help those in need on Mandela Day, and our employees loved the experience of working with children.”